Running List: Rejected Buzzfeed Submissions of 2014

1. 18 Where-Are-They-Now’s That Will Ruin Your Childhood, Crush Your Tweenhood, Murder Your Extended Adolescence and Sink You Into a Major Depression for Pretty Much the Rest of Your Life

2. 26 Ghostly Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Projected In Memoriam Roster for the 2015 Academy Awards

3. 84 Pranks That Are Guaranteed to Torment Your Coworkers and Fill Your Workday with Elation Like You’ve Never Before Experienced Between the Hours of 9am and 5pm, Unless You Get Caught and Land in HR, in Which Case You Can Refer to My Previously-posted, “15 Hippest Ways to Quit Your Job, You Ungrateful Millennial Brat”

4. 63 Brand New Celebrity Nudes That You Should Look at RIGHT NOW Because They Will Be Taken Down in 5 Minutes Because Lawyers

5. 32 Terrorist Videos That Make Your Favorite Horror Movie Look Like a Comedy

6. 28 Most Poetic Essays From My Blog That I Would Like to Highlight in Honor of my 28th Birthday and Am Pretty Sure Will Make Me Famous if You All Share This List with All of Your Friends

7. 99 Problems That May or May Not Be Related to Your Bitch and The Single Best Way to Solve Them All in One Fell Swoop

8. 23 Hilarious Candid Photos That My Friends Begged Me to Delete from Facebook But They’re SO FUNNY I Just Had to Share Them

9. The 50 Sexiest Men and Women Who Are Still Alive Today But Probably Won’t Be Next Year Because They’re Anorexic, Depressed, Alcoholic, Drug-addicted, or Fatally Close to Uncovering the Final Secret of the Illuminati

10. 75 Passive Aggressive Ways to Get Even with Your Friends, Family Members and Bosses Without Ever Having to Face Them IRL – #Specialtweetedition


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4 responses to “Running List: Rejected Buzzfeed Submissions of 2014

  1. Judy Penly-Russell

    Hi! I kind of don’t get this ?

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. I’m going to file this post under The 17 Most Important Parody Blog Posts that Will Forever Change Your Mind About the Propriety of Really Long Punchlines

  3. EXCUSE ME, Monsieur LaRue, but what are these other 16? I do rather consider myself the sole master of Really Long Punchlines, you know (although McSweeney’s would ever disagree)….

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