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In “God” Some Trust

*inspired by an encounter in Times Square, July ’09

“Do you believe in God?”  The missionary girl on the street wanted to know.

I looked at her for a second.

“Well,” I started, “I guess I think that’s the wrong question.” Continue reading


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Represent Yourself, Bitch

I loved the series of RuPaul quotes in the June/July issue of MetroSource NY.  My favorite was his comment aimed at people who complain that drag queens are holding back the advancement of the gay community by misrepresenting gays; he says, “Bitch, we ain’t trying to represent you.  We’re just doing our thing…How about you represent yourself and we’ll represent ourselves?”  This is a great statement on the politics of drag, but more than that, it goes straight to the heart of larger issues of stereotyping vs. understanding. Continue reading


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