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On Growing Healthier Kids and Communities, in the Garden

*published online by MN2020 here:{668FD81A-DD52-4D62-891A-9E3CA6507327}&DE=

When I first heard the term “community garden,” I pictured a big, open plot in the middle of a neighborhood—a large garden accessible to, and maintained by, any and all members of the community who would like to help maintain it.  In fact, Community Gardens take many forms, and the most common form is the allotment garden: a piece of land divided into plots that are then rented out to individual gardeners or small groups. Continue reading

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Is Wind Energy the Answer?

*published online by MN2020 here:{9C493102-8E68-417F-9E0D-80E400C0323F}&DE=

Among the chorus of voices clamoring for renewable energy development, one claim in particular caught my ear: Minnesota, I heard, should not only be developing renewable energy, but should be concentrating on wind energy above all.  Does that mean, I wondered, that Minnesota is particularly well-disposed to harness wind power relative to other states? Continue reading

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It’s All Easy Listening

I enjoyed Ken Johnson’s article of March 17th about Shepard Fairey’s “art,” or, in Mr. Johnson’s words, “a kind of visual easy listening for the college-educated masses.”  What caught my attention was not so much the assessment of Fairey’s work specifically, but Johnson’s overarching point about the mind-numbing effect of supposedly mind-opening works that go wrong by explicitly attempting implicit subversiveness. Continue reading


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Note to Hillary

* Early summer ’08, Wellesley solicited letters from students & alumnae to send to Hillary in compilation.

To Hillary Rodham Clinton

For most of my life, I took no particular interest in feminism, or women’s rights, or any of those seemingly unnecessary relics of a bygone struggle.  But sometime last fall, I found myself starting to do things like deliberately writing “she or he” as opposed to the traditional “he or she” whenever I needed to use those constructions.  After the first few meetings of a Feminist Political Theory class I took just this past spring, I announced to an “openly feminist” friend of mine that I was going to embrace the feminist label myself.  She asked why. Continue reading


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Letter to the Editor of Vanity Fair

*published in October 2008

It makes perfect sense, in the aftermath of a failed endeavor, to attempt to explain the failure.  But the analysis of Hillary’s failed campaign in the August issue of Vanity Fair falls short of the kind of thoughtful critique that could afford Hillary some measure of the enormous positive recognition she deserves. Continue reading

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I’m not Laughing Anymore

A realization was creeping up on me before the VP debate even began.  It was lurking in the refrain I found myself adopting when people asked if I was going to watch: “yes,” I said, “but only against my better judgment.”  Only, that is, for what little entertainment value I might yet squeeze out of watching Sarah Palin deliver another set of lines that Tina Fey could easily copy verbatim on SNL the following Saturday.  Continue reading

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