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Keeping the Dreams Real

From Bill O’Reilly’s article, “What President Obama Can Teach America’s Kids”:
“Consider the odds. The United States is a nation of more than 300 million citizens. Only one person is currently the Commander in Chief. That man had no fatherly guidance, is of mixed race, and had no family connections to guide him into the world of national politics. That adds up to one simple truth that every American child should be told: ‘If Barack Obama can become the President of the United States, then whatever dream you may have can happen in your life.’ It all depends on lessons learned.” Continue reading

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The Natural Golden Rule

Feminist debates have long raged over what is and is not biologically “natural” for women and men. To those who defend certain qualities as innate, it is unrealistic to hold humans to a higher standard than the limits of our biological programming, or “nature,” would dictate. To critics of this line of thought, “natural” is all too often (mis)used as a substitute for “excusable.” Continue reading


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“One of the things going on in this country is that we’ve developed a culture of debate, of Crossfire and Hardball, of adults shouting each other down and not listening to each other. Our leaders are not allowed to show doubt, uncertainty, ambiguity. In our culture at this time, these things are perceived as signs of weakness. And I think that’s a big mistake.”
-John Patrick Shanley

I went to see Bill Maher’s editorial film, Religulous, last Friday. Continue reading

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