I started this blog as a simple platform for sharing the thoughts and ideas I feel compelled to commit to writing. Content runs the gamut of type and subject matter.

A note on the dance reviews you will find smattered throughout the collection: My hope is to contribute to the revival or creation of a collective conversation about dance. A vital part of opening up this conversation is breaking free of the fear of being “wrong.” At the same time, I think it’s important to respect the artists presenting work by not perpetuating wildly off-base ideas about what they mean to express.  To that end, I share my own interpretations with the understanding that they might not always be in line with the original artistic intent, and I preface my ideas with a reminder of that where it seems most needed.

Thank you for reading.


One response to “About

  1. Dear Clara this is Martin, Luna’s father. Luna is the nine year old dancer with whom you made a video on the occasion of the beautiful Natalia Makarova event. Just had a quick question, could I send you somehow an email or give you a call? Your sites are totally cool! BTW….. thank you martin

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