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How to be Single – and How to Disappoint Your Target Audience


I went to “How to be Single” on Valentine’s Day. I went with two girlfriends, a tote bag full of Reese’s hearts, and the kind of spectacular hangover-to-end-all-hangovers that blindsides me about once a year. Target audience? I THINK SO. In fact, I saw the trailer in the fall and was so excited that I might have marked my calendar for its theatrical release in February. “How to be Single” not only seemed like a movie I could relate to and enjoy (unlike, say, “Bridesmaids,” which looked too gross and cynical for my taste), but it was one of several women-made, women-centric comedies that, whether they seemed like my taste or not, I was really encouraged to see coming out in force this past year. Continue reading

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Empire State of Life

Last month was an anniversary of sorts for me: my one-year of life in New York City.  I’m not sure if that counts as a milestone in other parts of the world.  But here – where so many people pass through in pursuit of big dreams or stop in for a couple years of adventure – each anniversary seems significant. Continue reading


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