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Time Stands Still: A (somewhat belated) Review

The new Broadway hit, “Time Stands Still,” written by Donald Margulies and directed by Daniel Sullivan, is both a simple story and an elegant portrayal of the major predicaments of modern life.  The play focuses on two ambitious humanitarian professionals who are thrown into an unexpected, reflection-rousing reprieve from routine that quickly becomes a significant turning point in their lives.  With only four characters total, it is the dialogue and interplay between the four, more than any exciting plot-line, that lays bare the contradictions we all face in a globalized world where both opportunity and suffering abound.  Continue reading

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Journal Entry from 11/7/08 – Edited

I’ve always been excited thinking about long-term prospects.  In some sense, I care about nothing more intensely than the big picture—the problems of the world, the flaws of society at large and how they all might be remedied “some day.”  But on another level, my day-to-day motivation comes from life’s ups-and-downs, the fluctuations in and deviations from routine. Continue reading


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It’s All Easy Listening

I enjoyed Ken Johnson’s article of March 17th about Shepard Fairey’s “art,” or, in Mr. Johnson’s words, “a kind of visual easy listening for the college-educated masses.”  What caught my attention was not so much the assessment of Fairey’s work specifically, but Johnson’s overarching point about the mind-numbing effect of supposedly mind-opening works that go wrong by explicitly attempting implicit subversiveness. Continue reading


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