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In Defense of the Eifman

Last Sunday I had the invaluable privilege of attending the Eifman Ballet’s production of Rodin, an original ballet about the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin and his apprentice and lover, Camille Claudelle. On Monday morning I half-begrudgingly looked up Alastair Macaulay’s review of the performance. As expected, the New York Times dance critic couldn’t be more off the mark.

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Oswald: A Review

Last week I went to see “Oswald,” a play written by Dennis Richard and directed by Richmond Shepard that tells the unembellished story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s interrogation.  For two days after John F. Kenndy was shot, the number one suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was interrogated by Dallas Police Captain William J. Fritz.  Continue reading

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Time Stands Still: A (somewhat belated) Review

The new Broadway hit, “Time Stands Still,” written by Donald Margulies and directed by Daniel Sullivan, is both a simple story and an elegant portrayal of the major predicaments of modern life.  The play focuses on two ambitious humanitarian professionals who are thrown into an unexpected, reflection-rousing reprieve from routine that quickly becomes a significant turning point in their lives.  With only four characters total, it is the dialogue and interplay between the four, more than any exciting plot-line, that lays bare the contradictions we all face in a globalized world where both opportunity and suffering abound.  Continue reading

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Mika’s Magic

I don’t know anything about music.  I don’t know about music on a technical level, a terminological level, or even a historical-cultural level.  Growing up, I missed the music trends – just like I missed the t.v. trends, the movie trends and all the other elements of pop culture that do so much to define a generation. But I know what I like, and I know that I have a lot to say – in whatever non-technical words I can find – about the brilliant but under-appreciated Mika, European pop artist and man-boy extraordinaire. Continue reading


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